Bluetooth audio for headset

Hi, i installed manjaro-pipewire and got my Pixel Buds paired and working.

For playback such as music, the High Fidelity A2DP Sink with AAC is fine.

However for meetings and calls, to get the mic working I switch to HSP/HFP with the mSBC Codec. This works much better than CVSD(!) but playback is a bit basic, and mono.

Is HSP/HFP/mSBC as good as it gets? If it is, is there a way to flip profiles quicker than using the Volume Control GUI? The Pulse audio commands such as ‘pactl’ were removed when installing manjaro-pipewire I think.


Hi @agaskew ,

The only thing i can think of a replacement for pactl is pw-cli.
Probably installed.

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Thank you. I think this is perhaps just the best it gets for Bluetooth headsets at the moment.

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