Black screen

Hello, the community!

I download the last version of Istredd. But now, my screen is on. But with not light.

I take my light pocket of my bike for use my computer. I not have a list of kernels, I have just the experimental kernel.

I think of this: Is a problem of kernel or is a electric problem ?!

I hope resolve this problem soon because I love use mabox.


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I forgot several details because I’am tired during the composition of my first post.

I use three differents computers:

• E-Machines 1200 for my archives
• Laptop Vostro 1800 (help and test machine)
• Laptop Latitude 6500 (Laptop for everyday)

I use Mabox but since three back when I use my laptop Latitude, i see a error message.

Since, my screen is always totaly black with the e-machines and same for my Latitude but with a différence: I see a desktop of Mabox on my laptop when I use the light of my bike.

Is a problem of kernel ?!

This is a screenshots of m’y computer

How to repair, please ?!

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