Betterlockscreen fails to read user config file

When I run betterlockscreen from terminal it reads the user config file, but when I run it from Openboxrc it shows a default config. I thought there was a problem in the BLS script in /usr/bin, but it pointed to the user config file correctly.

What command do you use to run betterlockscreen from terminal? And what command you have binded in rc.xml?

Currently Mabox uses a wrapper - mbscreenlocker - around betterlockscreen and i3lock-color.
You can configure it from helper menu super + alt + L, if you have updated rc.xml

in a terminal betterlockscreen -l, the same command in rc.xml… Thanks to you I’ve seen the mbscreenlocker and change the screenlocker to betterlockscreen. Now it’s working perfectly.

The issue is solved, but I’m still curious: why the same command gave two different results? The rc.xml runned the wrapper, but running it from the terminal doesn’t.