Beautification of the terminal

I like to improve my terminal experience. In Manjaro they also made some modifications enhance the user experience.

In the following I will show, what I have done with my terminal to improve my personal user experience. Maybe this will inspire the community to enhance Mabox with some additional features in the future.

As a shell I use zsh in combination with oh-my-zsh.

I enhanced .zshrc with a very useful plugins.

The result ist like this:

I also installed some nerd fonts. My favourite is currently Hack.

I enhance my prompt with powerlevel 10k

The result is


There are other alternatives available. But for me this is the most easy way to pimp my prompt.

I installed lsd.

This is a beautiful substitution of the original ls command in combination with the installed nerd fonts. I like it.

Maybe this inspires the community to modify the configuration of the Mabox Terminal.

Best regards Bernd…

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This has nothing to do with Technical Issues so I moved the thread to Userland → Terminals & CLI

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I use exa instead of ls. I’ll give lsd a shot. Looks interesting. In fact, terminal apps are so good nowadays.

I love nerd fonts, too!

I have used zsh and oh-my-bash. Yes, they are great, but with these changes, do you also lose the Mabox goodies, like mabox-terminal, mb-reset and others?

I see all Mabox is bash-based …

And yes, please post more of this. I like to see the way others adapt the distro to their tastes.

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Mabox scripts like quake-terminal(mabox-terminal), mb-reset and others work independently from the default shell set by the user.

As for the appearance of the shell, everyone has their preferences…

As a sysadmin who has spent half his life working in the console,
I :heart: Bash and classic prompt.

user@hostname working_dir $


Simple, clean, informative… pure beauty :wink:

Other shells don’t give me anything of value, they actually get in the way.

I also don’t like distractions like icons, pictures in the terminal or fancy two-line prompts… they look nice in screenshots… but for work? no way :slight_smile:


I use zsh, Oh-My-zsh, lsd, duf etc but I like it clean with no info in prompt. Colors and fonts are more important to me.

Like updates versions are marked with colors


Not much to see here except Half Life logo but this is how I like it :wink:


People have different preferences so I agree with napcok to keep it basic.

Instead of adding all kinds of addons, plugins, scripts, etc to mabox shell make a thread in the forum with howto’s on how to change the appearance of the shell , where to find addons, plugings etc :slight_smile:

You already started this thread so feel free to continue to share :slight_smile: :+1:

A tip: zsh-syntax-highlighting and zsh-completions in addition to zsh-autosuggestions make zsh shell very “friendly” :+1:

Should be in extra/


To improve distraction in my terminal I added a script from DT in my terminal. I followed DT since a couple of time and find his work quit impressive.

I know all the purist rolling theis eyes … but I like it :sunglasses: :+1:

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This my bash intro… i am font of taskadd for quick reminders.


  • taskadd ‘text’ = insert task.
  • taskrm = remove all tasks
  • taskcl = delete and create new file
  • taskrm 1 = remove 1e task
  • taskin 3 = insert task between 2 and 4

PUT it in .aliases or .bashrc (remove lolcat from commands or install lolcat)

#Task List
TASKFILE="$HOME/.bashtask" #Hidden for neatness
NC='\033[1;32m' # No Color
if [ -f "$TASKFILE" ] && [ $(stat -c %s "$TASKFILE") != 0 ] #Check if file has content
    echo -e "${LIGHTRED}  Task List${NC} as of ${LIGHTBLUE}$(date -r "$TASKFILE")${NC}"
    echo ""
    cat "$TASKFILE" 
    printf '%*s\n' "${COLUMNS:-$(tput cols)}" '' | tr ' ' "-"  | lolcat
    echo " hUh! No TASKS :P" | lolcat 
    printf '%*s\n' "${COLUMNS:-$(tput cols)}" '' | tr ' ' "/"  | lolcat
    touch "$TASKFILE" 

alias tasklist="zsh"
function taskadd() { echo "- $1" >> "$TASKFILE"; } #Example: taskadd "Go grocery shopping"
function taskin() { sed -i "$1i- $2" "$TASKFILE"; } #Insert a task between items
function taskrm() { sed -i "$1d" "$TASKFILE"; } #Example: taskrm 2 --> Removes second item in list
function taskcl() { rm "$TASKFILE"; touch "$TASKFILE"; } #Delete and create a new taskfile

Have fun with funky up the terminal.