Battery life and appw


Wondering if I should give Mabox a go on my laptop, but I hoped someone could let me know if they get decent battery life with Mabox?

Is there a way to check what packages that’s available? I use the book reader Bookworm as my main comic reader, do anyone know if this is available?

Hi @UnknownGoblin
Mabox is based on Manjaro so you can see all packages available in repositories here: Manjaro - Branch Compare.

Bookworm is available.

Many more packages are available in Arch User Repository.

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woebot@******* ~ $ yay bookworm
2 aur/bookworm-git 1.1.2.r179.g3b1cc9d-1 (+7 0.00) A simple user centric eBook reader which displays multiple eBooks formatd

bookworm is available and battery life…i havent noticed much difference expect possibliy better than regolith v20 which was debian/ubuntu/i3wm