Autoreload Conky and Wallpaper on resolution change

A little wrapper to xrandr - it reloads Conky and wallpaper on resolution change. Probably usefull when you use Mabox in VirtualBox. It will be included with next iso. So I hope no more youtube “reviews” with borked desktop :wink:

If you need it, just put it as a xrandr in ~/.local/bin

# Wrapper for xrandr, so wallpaper and Conky are reloaded on resolution change.
# Copyright (C) 2022 Daniel Napora -
# Licensed under GPLv3

set -euo pipefail

/usr/bin/xrandr "$@"
if [[ "$@" == *"--output"* ]];then
    nitrogen --restore
    if pgrep conky;then
        killall -SIGUSR1 conky 2> /dev/null