Automatically Change Color Scheme of Your CLI Terminal Based on Your Wallpaper

I love pywal!
Yes as title sad you can have your terminal text ecc. In color palette of your current wallpaper

Here is the link where are all the informations:

Have fun! :slight_smile:

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Pywal is interesting.
There is also more powerfull tool called wpgtk (uses pywal internally).
Unfortunately they both buggy in Openbox.
Pywal can’t set wallpaper correctly - the same with wpgtk. I have some workarounds for that and I can find them and share if anybody wants them.

Anyway I was playing with both years ago and even recorded video. It may be intresting for you because it was recorded on very early Mabox :smiley:

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Thanks @napcok ! :slight_smile: I checked the video, wow so nice!
Yes was little buggy and I can’t integrate it with pyradio :confused:
And saved session sometimes failed to be loaded on start up , but if someone put more effort can be great :nerd_face:

I’m playing with wpgtk now - it is hard to make it work as it should.
Let’s see if I manage to integrate it properly with Mabox :slight_smile:

Could be a nice gadget / toy.
A toy, because I don’t believe anyone will use wpgtk-generated themes for normal everyday work.

The Openbox theme available by default in wpgtk, Tint2 config and GTK theme are very basic and poor quality, they would have to be worked on.

About PyRadio, I think it is impossible to generate themes for it using wpgtk, but it’s best to ask @sng :slight_smile:

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Despite its drawbacks, wpgtk is a powerful tool and a great toy :slight_smile:

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I will definitely try it :smiley:
Yes will be nice integrating it also for new users and can be added to site presentation( after mbox color picker tool ) of the distro , it’s eye catche’ :wink:

I just pushed it to Mabox repo :slight_smile:

And will work to integrate it nicely with Mabox in comming days.

No, that’s not possible at the moment…