I wonder if it is save to use this on Mabox ?
i used arco a lot and it’s a good distro but to much in it but i love the tilling window managers from them .
can it give conflict whit there repositories , it’s also Archlinux .

Mabox is built around Openbox, and has nothing in common with “tiling window managers”.
If you are a fan of them, I don’t see any reason to use Mabox.
Arcolinux probably uses Arch Linux repositories.
I don’t know Arcolinux Tweak Tool.
From what I saw, Arcolinux has many editions - maybe one of them is minimal, and will fit your needs.


Well first i have to say that many people how use tiling managers also have a base like openbox , kde , gnome and so on . so what you think is not the point !
i just wonder it don’t make conflicts whit the repo’s of mabox that’s all .

Most likely, no. :thinking:

The repos from Arcolinux and Mabox (Manjaro) are not the same. If I understood correctly what you want, the action course would be installing a pure base of Arco plus Openbox as fallback DE (importing the dot files from Mabox only) and then the tiling manager of your choice.

Thanks , this help me good .
I use it now and it works fine .

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