Arch lover say hello

let me introduce myself, this can be a long list.
First and foremost I like computers and the internet, not like a gamer, or this kind of thing. but my first steps behind a computer go back to the year 1980, when I was running amiga 1200 and made contact with others via bbs and dial-up line to exchange amiga software. so a long time ago, which I still use today but in a modern guise.
to jump in time when the company telenet started in belgium 1989/99, so at the start of internet shoes I already jumped on the right wagon, and a new world was opening.
the internet was still clean in these days, but then the first mp3 sites came up like 21century mp3 were very cool sites, and then came napster and quite a lot of p2p programs. music and movies is most interested and of course linux too.
i got to know linux, where it didn’t work as well as it does now, and was quite a disaster in one word, to play a dvd etc.
in the early years content management websites were quite popular such as phpnuke, post nuke, phpplatinum etc … where i also went online to create 107 content ported themes from html to php with all official icons ported in php as in an e 107.
I was also quite busy with zpanel hosting panel, to also create new ported logins and themes in this system, where I speak of the early 90s. then linux wasn’t as much speech as it is now. then redhat was the most famous but was a disaster then.
the first I know of who explained how to make windows dualboot with redhad was the website, where both systems saw each other, this was a very instructive lesson at the time.

now in these modern times linux quality system has improved immensely, even very good, my mabox even connects in the network with my 51inch plasma tv ect true plex and kodi.
I myself have not been running windows for at least 15 years when it comes from ubuntu, a new world opened, with unity first appeared and from that day on I have never seen a windows system again that must have been somewhere in 2005 when I I’m not mistaken, so that’s 16 years ago.
because I have discovered if you are not a real gamer that a linux system has all the bells and whistles and can be even better and faster and more effective.

I had already seen mabox published and seen a few videos of it on youtube, but I first tested it on virtualbox and as I always say one system can best be compared on a fix computer not a virtual machine, and I liked this so much that i will continue to use it, now for me no problem i am an archlover to the bone, the rest says my nothing single arch.