Android MTP some phones are not working

I tested on Xiaome Redmi 9, Samsung Galaxy J2 core and Samsung Galaxy J4+.
The only one that worked perfectly was Galaxy J4+.
I attached two screenshot with just one in English (Ps. the text in the screenshot Redmi 9 are in pt_BR).

Redmi 9
The object doesn’t exist in the path “/org/gtk/vfs/mount/1”

Galaxy J2 Core
Second Print in Imgur

I will test it on Manjaro XFCE to see what happens, for now thanks for the help!

I own Redmi phones…which I can speak about…they are working good for me to backup files (gallery files mostly) you have to pick from notifications a menu and change the default charging option for one of the other 2 ( Transfer files - Transfer media (PTP) ) then you will have 2 extra options shown in the file manager (apart from Redmi9).

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Hello, @utherbone

I use a Redmi 9 and I purpose try my idea face this problem:

First step: unmount the volume on your computer and disconnect the phone

Reboot the computer and smartphone

Connect the phone a new. Normally, the sharing of files is on

Often, this method is good because the devices upload after the reboot

This solution is not miracle but is until several times a last days ago

That’s happen when the connection is broken between the differents devices, i think

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