Amd athlon and the new version mabox - very strange phenomenon

i have been running mabox on 2 pc for a while, and on an older model a 4 core amd athlon with 16gb ram i was running mabox on free software even though i have a 4gb nividia card on the pc and i never encountered 1 problem, but with the new version, on my machine with the open free linux software for video so not set to nividia drivers, I get something very strange.
when the computer boots up and after 10 min working everything freezes, can’t do anything more even shut down normally so we do a reset.
start up again and I checked it about the same time after about 10 to 15 minutes somewhere in between everything crashes again, very strange, because with free software in the other versions I never had it.
so what do we do, this time we install the nividia drivers, haha ​​and we reboot and what is very strange all of a sudden everything is running fine now.
is it my computer, I doubt that because the previous 2 versions did not have that problem, only in the latest version, I do not know will have this on my heavier pc, because it still runs on mabox one version lower.
a very strange phenomenon.