Good day, I am trying to setup a webcam as a motion recorder using AgentDVR. It does not want to build. Multiple issues. AgentDVR does support Linux but it does not seem to have good Arch compatibility. It wants to build ffmpeg v5.1 but gets stuck at ERROR: libnpp not found. Any ideas?

I tried other packages, but these were all problematic also:

  • motion: works, but python2.
  • motionplus: python3, but does not work. Little info, new, seems alpha.
  • motioneye: does not work at all.

Thanks for any insight.

Good evening, @rdtsc
I can write you with the courage of the ignorant that my second attempt to build AgentDVR
or a subset of it was in MX 21.3 Wildflower (Debian 11 based) AV_Linux_MX_Edition-21.3_ahs_x64.iso A multimedia oriented ‘kit’, a bit bloated with its 25 GB.

sudo dpkg -i cuda-keyring_1.0-1_all.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install cuda
bash <(curl -s "")

as you see it’s not the Docker version. I have not noticed any horror during build process.

Agent                                    Content/                    XML/                 ffmpeg-v5/

These are the first baby steps. Is it sg or it’s all useless.
turtle / żółw