Add icon at bar to show UFW (firewall) status

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I come from using Manjaro XFCE distribution.
I have installed Mabox Linux and I found it a fantastic distribution, especially for modest laptops, like mine, a chromebook acer c910 with 4gb ram.

In no distribution that I remember I have found an icon for the status bar that shows if the firewall is enabled or not, so I did it at the time, it worked in Manjaro XFCE, and in Mabox as well.

The only requirement is to have Yad installed, ufw and gufw. Then add the script (you can download from github project) , (maybe doit executable chmod +x and add to autostart programs…

If you click over the icon, then gufw is launched.

Here you can have more information:


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Hello @juanmafont, and welcome to the forum.

Interesting script, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: