28.05.2021 - mb-reset compare-mode, mbhelper and conky_toggle

Today update brings some new features…

mb-reset compare mode

mb-reset now have compare mode – much easier and safe for users to pick new features on old Mabox installations. It uses meld to let compare file changes and pick them one by one :slight_smile:
At the moment it works only with: rc.xml, autostart and .bashrc files.

mb-reset -c

mbhelper - something like command palette

W-F1 runs mbhelper - new tool which will have listed all mabox tools, keyboard shortcuts, config files and let you search and run them quickly. (preview version - only subset of things listed here at the moment).
Run it and search for something (just start typing for example: autostart, openbox, grid)


W-A-c toggle Conky session - idea and script from @piquet (modified a little bit)

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