25.04.21 conky, terminator... & refreshed ISO

Today update brings some small improvements in many places :slight_smile:
Most important:

  1. New, more readable Conkies and easy way to switch between different color sessions.
    To copy new files to your home dir run:
mb-reset conky

  1. New config for terminator (better default font, advanced demo)
mb-reset terminator


terminator -m -j ~/.config/terminator/2-3-grid.json

… to see some more advanced Terminator features in action :wink:
Use Alt + Arrows to move around.

ISO refresh

Updated ISO images available at: repo or sourceforge.

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Ran the yay command (why?) and then the mb-reset. When running the json file in terminator it failes with message: terminator: error: Additional unexpected arguments found: [’.config/terminator/2-3-grid.json’]



yay is just to update system.

I made a mistake in the command… fixed now, shoul be:

terminator -m -j ~/.config/terminator/2-3-grid.json


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