[2021-01-28 Update] ssh-pipe, mb-reset command, some gradient menu themes

Another update on the way to the February 21.02 Foltest release:)

Whats new?

  • ssh-pipemenu - parsing your ~/.ssh/config and allows you to connect via terminal or file manager
  • a few themes for menu/sidepanels with gradients
  • mb-reset - command to reset/update config files (tint2, menuthemes, etc.) It will override config files in your homedir - but only those which were shipped with Mabox.
 mb-reset - reset user config files to current defaults. It only affects files shipped with Mabox.
 Usage: mb-reset option

     tint2 - overwrite tint2 panel configs in ~/.config/tint2/
     jgthemes - overwrite menu/sidepanels color schemes in ~/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/
     mainmenu - overwrite main menu files (favorites.csv)
     leftpanel - left panel custom commands
     rightpanel - right panel custom commands
     logout - logout dialog