11-11-23 Mabox update

Hello Friends, I have my system updated.
In these days I have received several updates and in today’s update came this message about mirrors, at the end I updated all mirrors, discarding those from China and areas I don’t know I left the usual ones, including Poland, of course.
Did I do the right thing or should I do something else to update/downgrade the mirrors indicated?

950mb “update” ? WTF

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@Claudio Just pick mirrors which are located near to you. And no, mirrors from Poland will most likely not be good for you.

@Doug_Welder …??? Is this your first time updating a rolling-release distro?

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LOL… Running sids since 1997.Mabox about a year. That was one hell of an “update”. Normally they’re 2–3–400 max

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No idea what sids are…
Anyway, it is always good to read something about distro/distro family you use.

From manual.maboxlinux.org

If a 900mb update is a problem for you, you should avoid Mabox (and any other rolling-release distro).

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Ummmm Sids are debian unstable… ran it since you were a pup. I’ve run THEM ALL Manjaro is Arch’s safest. It’s still halfazz at best.

If you have - as you claim - such experience with rolling-release distros - why are you surprised by the 900mb update?

There’s nothing strange about that… lol

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What’s so mediocre (halfazz?) about Mabox or Manjaro?
I never had problems with these distros and the small failures I could always fix them, but with debian I couldn’t make it work, I have two pcs one with Manjaro and another with Mabox, both work from day one, that for me is far from mediocrity and very close to excellence.