Window tiling issue - gap on the right side of the screen [SOLVED]

Hello everybody! New here.

I have a minor issue when tiling windows side to side or when a window is maximized, there is a gap between the window’s edge and the screen rim.

Tint2 top panel and dock, the latter is on the right, don’t exhibit that glitch.

I just realized that it might be a dock causing it by being “invisible” while auto-hiding. Also, the dock’s right edge is not at the screen edge, so it might be the dock.

Hi again.

It seems, writing the issue out helped me to realize were to find the option to solve that issue.

It was indeed in Tint2 dock.tint2rc > Panel > Window manager interaction.

There I just needed to change “Maximized windows” to Fill the screen. Which I missed :smiley: or probably accidentally changed while scrolling with the mouse wheel. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So an example of self-caused issues as the most of them are, but still thought having a short thread would be good for the newcomers.

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Where can I mark the thread “Solved”? :smiley:


You sould be able to edit the title…

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