Update/Upgrade of Mabox

Is there any manual how to upgrade Mabox?
Need to use build-in update from add/remove programs or is there any other solution?

I got few machines with Mabox, but only on newest installation from iso (2021.11) is on the newest theme.
Older installations are … 2021.09 still. (I mean, packages are updated but theme -mabox superdesk- is old). In theme manager on older installation I do not have new look of superdesk theme.

Hi @Marian,

Things like Mabox’s themes, openbox configuration, new Conky and tint2 panel configurations (everything that is in user configuration - in home directory) cannot be updated by simply updating packages :frowning:

At this point, some of that stuff can be updated with the mb-reset tool, but not the new themes.
See: mb-reset script - Mabox Linux Manual

If I have some free time, I will try to prepare a way to update themes - probably during the Christmas and New Year period.

If you need “new” superdesk theme, probably you need to run:

mb-reset obrcxml
mb-reset conky
mb-reset tint2

Then choose Tint2 config named mabox2111.tint2rc, and change wallpaper. If you get it as you like, then you can save your configuration with Theme manager.

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