[solved] Adding line in main menu

ok so i thought this was going to be easy, first i made a back up copy of /home/klein/.config/mabox/favorites.csv . then i added one line in the file:

Terminal,exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator,utilities-terminal
WWW Browser,exo-open --launch WebBrowser,firefox
File Manager,exo-open --launch FileManager,system-file-manager
Add/Remove software,pamac-manager,package-manager-icon
#This & That ,^checkout(settings),distributor-logo-mabox
Mabox Config,^checkout(settings),distributor-logo-mabox

that is all i did, when i run it with this line:

 #This & That ,^checkout(settings),distributor-logo-mabox

menu looks fine.
when i run it with this line:

 This & That ,^checkout(settings),distributor-logo-mabox

the length look fine but it is 1/3 of its normal width
i made no other changes .

From jgmenu documentation:

The description field is parsed as pango markup, so <, >, and & need to be escaped as &lt;, &gt;, and &amp; respectively.

Maybe also worth to read:

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i stopped using jgmenu with sparky linux and bushnell because of problems running headless and x11vnc so i never really dug into it,