Snap, Flatpak and printer support


First of all I would like to say that I like Mabox very much. However, I believe that Mabox does not bring any real innovation. Your team “only” relieves the Openbox users of a lot of the design work. And the team does that really, really well.

Unfortunately, I’m missing a real innovation that really sets itself apart from Manjaro. I miss the full integration of the printer function with Mabox/Manjaro. ArcoLinux and RebornOS fully integrate the printer function into the system. Access to localhost:631 does not work with Mabox/Manjaro. On many other distros this works perfectly.

Also, I would love it if the package manager included Pamac Flatpak and Snap.

I would like to use Mabox as my Linux. But without full printer support, using Mabox unfortunately makes no sense.

Is there a way to include these functions?

Thank you very much for your open ear.

I’m a Mabox fan.

Greetings from Strausberg near Berlin
Andrew Gaspar

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Hello @IndLogSEO ,
If things like installing a few packages are a problem for you, it’s probably just better for you to find a distribution that has these things pre-installed.
Snap and Flatpak (and printer support) will certainly never come pre-installed with Mabox.
Of course, they can be installed very easily if someone needs them.


Welcome @IndLogSEO ,

I was checking your points or suggestions for Mabox, and as you are a Mabox fan , I know that your printing problem can probably be related to enable services in manjaro-printing-settings for as you also state other arch or debian based distros include this capability enabled by default ( for sure it was pre-scripted when you do install) . Manjaro and Mabox can have those same packages needed to be installed by the user (as expressed in the Manjaro Wiki in Manjaro-printing-packages section).
Your localhost:631 issue can surely be related to : a missing cups package (filter-cups package) needed or missing to enable cupsd.service from terminal with this command line ( sudo systemctl enable —now org.cups.cupsd.service) which once is enabled allows your printer to connect to the ppd files needed to install.

I hope this can be of some help.