Snap? Appimage? Flatpak?

I know it’s a simple matter of installing packages. I am looking for opinions. Which is better for integrating into Mabox Linux?

So far in my journey to learn the Arch Way, I have found most everything I need in the repositories or in the AUR. This is the way. But sometimes, I don’t have a choice.

What say you, people?

I think this type of package format is a last resort – rarely needed in Manjaro/Mabox/Arch.
Personally, I don’t use such packages and never had a need.

Anyway, if you need it, maybe this article will be helpful for you →

Agreed, it’s not always ideal. The one thing I do like about these formats is how they are sandboxed and mostly self-contained. They do what they need to do without “contaminating” your OS, for lack of a better word.

I’ll read up on this in the wiki, but I was not looking for help on installation. I was looking for opinions on which (if any) of these packages was better to integrate into Mabox.

As the author of the distro, your opinion ranks pretty high. Once again, I appreciate your input, @napcok

HI @davefl67

Flatpak is, hands down, the best.

Flatpak is ok, but PLEASE don’t expect a sandbox at Flatpak.
And anyone can upload a flatpack!

Snap is proprietary
Flatpak is not a real sandbox … Flatpak - a security nightmare???
Appimage is good

but the repo of your distro is the best place to install your software securely!!!

I use Appimage for 1 program thats all.

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Appimage is the best and real sandbox.
BUT, it is non-centralized - there is very little of it and it is difficult to make it on your own.

Appimage Hub