Screenlocker time format

Can someone advise on where to change the time format of the lock screen from 24H format to 12H. I know the format I want to use. I’ve looked but just can’t seem to find which config file to edit. Thank you

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Mabox uses its own wrapper for betterlockscreen and have dynamic menu to configure it. Try super + alt + l (L like lock)

betterlockscren uses i3lock-color, which has no configuration file. Its a llittle complicated.

Either way, the solution below should work …

Create the file ~/.local/bin/i3lock
with content:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
DATE_STR="%A, %m %Y"

# DO NOT edit below this line

/usr/bin/i3lock "$@" --time-str="${TIME_STR}" --date-str="${DATE_STR}"

Make it executable

chmod +x ~/.local/bin/i3lock

Edit TIME_STR and DATE_STR to your needs.

Let me know if this work for you :wink:


That did it!! Thanks for this and all you are doing to make such an excellent distro!

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