Reconfigure media keys? (SOLVED)

I’m using a chromebook and i don’t have a dedicated volume/mute buttons because they are tied to Fkeys. is there a way to rebind my volume / media control buttons on my keyboard? any ghelp would be fantastic!

Hello @Imnewhere and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This can be done by editing ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml
Go to Settings Menu super+sRC - configuration file

Then search for XF86Audio (it is around line 620) and change/add your keys combo.
There are 3 commands defined: volume up, down and mute (pamixer -i 2,pamixer -d 2,pamixer -t)

Modifier keys
S Shift key
C Control key
A Alt key
W Super key (Usually bound to the Windows key on keyboards which have one)

Save file and logout or just run command:

openbox --reconfigure

Help:Bindings - Openbox

If you use mouse you can just roll up/down above “volume indicator” on the panel near clock.


THAT WORKED! thank you! spotify here i come!


I think this should be configured by default for users who don’t have media keys. The only problem is what keyboard shortcuts to use?
Got any ideas?

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because of my chromebooks layout, it has the icons for volume up/down on the F keys.
but as a default maybe C-S-up/down arrows?


Thanks, I have to check if it is not in conflict with some popular programs shortcuts.
So I consider:
or maybe with Alt:


Maybe he could post the chromebook’s brand/model in order to see the keyboard layout. Usually, the Fn keys behavior can be modified in the BIOS. :thinking:

It’s a Lenovo 3 CB 11Gl05

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Thank you.

There is relevant info in the Arch Wiki. You were trying to fix the regular volume keys, right?