Printer support - Brother DCP-1512

Hello, I need some ideas to get a printer selection.
I followed the manjaro wiki for printer installation and now I get printer menu with http://localhost:631/(CUPS 2.4.2). But I am unable to get any additional printers other than print to PDF. First I installed `boomaga’, since I want re-arrange the print output to PDF. But also connecting the USB Brother DCP-1512, I could not get any auto detection reaction. Do I need to install any other tools for this or should connect and power the device trigger any detection?
How can I redirect any print to boomaga? (I see only print to PDF as selection.
Since I do not have much linux background, I hope to get some help.
Best Regards, Andreas

Google could help me finally:
sudo pacman -S system-config-printer
could help with boomaga, try DCP-1512 tomorrow…

Search AUR for your printer model drivers →

Yes, thanks. I like AUR a lot. It worked smooth.

This helped me yesterday to get printer configuration up and running: