Nvidia problem Mabox 22.04

Nvidia problem Mabox 22.04

I ticked the ‘use proprietary drivers’ and when desktop loads it looks great, except the resolution is 1024x768. I could not change the resolution.

Re-downloaded the iso and same problem. I did try the open source driver and it detected my 1920x1080 resolution.

It’s like the nvidia drivers don’t load. At work, now, but may try to install later today.

Any ideas? Thanks


Welcome Dave. I would suggest you 2 checks: your inxi -Fazy and then your journactl outpput while having Nvidia graphics running :

inxi -Fazy
sudo journalctl -g nvidia 

probably you can find some bugs in there which have been still affecting Manjaro X11 and Nvidia cards

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Thanks for helping me. I’ll check this and see if I can fix it.


I had the same problem with Mabox 22.04 and my NVIDIA card. I decided to load the .iso with open source driver and proceeded to install with success. Then from the desktop, I installed the proprietary driver. The resolution is correct and no issue so far.