Move menu and panel to bottom?

Just installed and playing. How do you get the panel to the bottom (where it belongs :wink:

Hi, @Doug_Welder
Main Menu -> Settings -> Tint2 panels -> Edit Tint2 -> tint2conf (GUI)
Choose mabox2001.tint2rc
see screenshot:

I don’t think the panel belongs to the bottom position :wink:
Personally, I find the panel at the top definitely more ergonomic

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Thanks man…I’m all better now…:wink: running Linux for 23 years and this was a first other than xfce , which is quick to move. 2001 was a good year. Ran Stormix 2000 back then. Storm package manager was one of the first winners !

Actually you can easily set your panel bar wherever you want visually (using GUI) with that tint2conf (GUI) tweaking graphic editor. That panel settings actually rocks!