More help with man pages

Linux/Unix man pages contain a lot of information, usually too much.
To help with this there is a neat little utility called tldr (Too long didn’t read)
This utility gives seamless access to a repository of simplified pages.
Most of the pages you will want to access are here.

sudo pacman -S tldr

On a clean install this should work fine but if you have installed a lot of python libraries then you may get the installation aborted with conflict errors.

pip install tldr

worked for me installing just 3 python dependencies.

More information and versions at:


tldr is definitely great help :slight_smile:

In Mabox there is similiar and imo more powerfull tool preinstalled called

It offers not only simplified man pages with practical examples but also help for many programming languages and even interactive shell.

Try: yay bash/:learn python random list elements

Interactive shell:


Thanks, I hadn’t seen that.