Mabox OpenBox Adding to Favorites Section

I installed Mabox OpenBox haven’t used an OB environment before, but I wanted to give it a go. I have used other versions of Linux KDE Xfce Mate etc… so I have an understanding of it. I cannot however figure out how to change items in the Favorite on the OB Menu. There’s terminal, WWW Browser File Manager ADD/Remove Software…

I am trying to add a Text Editor there, FileZilla and Qbitorrent for starts. if I go to menu, mabox config >menu sidepanel>Main Menu> Edit Favorites (Top) I get the file, but I don’t know the correct way to input Apps so that they work when add them.

I installed KWrite as text editor, as I prefer it over Geany as I am just used to it. I run Filezilla on all my computers, so I’d like to add that to the favorites section, Any help would be great. Sorry if this is such a noob question.

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Take a look at this article.

Alternatively you might like to add launchers to panel…


Thank you very Helpful. Not exactly what I was looking for but makes it the Eye candy even more nicer. So I am happy with this SOLUTION. Thank You SO much. I am so lost with some of the config settings compared to Actual DE. But I really love the OpenBox Vibe.