Mabox 21.05 ISO Refresh

7 May 2021 - ISO refresh is available on usual locations: repo or sourceforge

The refreshed ISO images contain - as always - all packages updated from the stable Manjaro branch

Small additions worth mentioning:

  1. Ctrl + Left click on the appropriate area of the window will snap it in a given direction.
    (Works nice on 1-Monitor setup, if you have more monitor connected it may be not what you expect)
  1. Ctrl + Shift + Arrows is binded to DirectionalCycleWindows Action - nice when you work with many windows on one desktop.

If you have already Mabox installed and want to activate those two key/mouse bindings, just update your rc.xml (be aware that you may loose your own customizations if any)

mb-reset obrcxml

Enjoy :slight_smile: