Luks passphrase wrong keyboard language

I have installed mabox on a laptop with encryption (LUKS).
My language is fr_CA and its close to the us keyboard, but not exactly.
When I boot I’m asked to enter the luks passphrase but the keyboard is not mapped to my language. Since I have few charaters in it that are not at the same place on the us keyboard, it makes typing the passphrase a little complicated.

I have modified the /etc/mkinitcpio.conf to place the keyboard hook at the beginning. I recompiled it but no luck, it still is not using my keyboard layout.

here are my hooks in the mkinitcpio.conf :

HOOKS="base udev autodetect keyboard keymap modconf block consolefont encrypt openswap resume filesystems fsck"

This config should normally work but anybody can tell me why it doesn’t ???


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Anybody has an answer ???

Is my question clear ???

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Personally I have never used Luks while using linux.Maybe this can help some partially :


Thanks for the hints.

I tried first to place the keyboard hook before the autodetect hook as it was said in archlinux wiki on mkinitcpio but it doesn’t seem to change anything on Manjaro for the LUKS passphrase.

Then I tried to change vconsole.conf, add vconsole.keymap in the linux command line, added keylayouts to the grub_preload_modules, update-grub, …

Until now nothing seems to change the keyboard layout when asking for LUKS passphrase.

So I’m still looking for a solution to this.

Regards and thanks for the links,

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