Hello I want to go back to kernel 5.4, the Iso I installed brings the 6.x (I do not remember.
Nust Ichange it from the control center or I should make a new installation with the ISO that comes with that kernel?

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Just out of curiosity, I’m asking, any problems with the 6.1 LTS kernel?

Either way, installing the kernels is fabulously simple, so you can install whatever you like. As in the link I gave you above.

You can have multiple kernels installed and choose which kernel to use at boot time.

At first I related the slowness to open programs to the kernel.
In the download section of Mabox it says that the 5.4 is for older machines and the 6… For newer chips, my machine is old (2009) and does not support modern chips or more RAM.
I spent all day troubleshooting this problem affecting Telegram and Firefox.
19 minutes to open Telegram and 18 minutes to open Firefox! I got worried. With this fixed the machine doesn’t seem to have any major problems. I don’t want to overtax it.