How re-install openbox?

What happened?
I just wanted to change the default theme
opened settings
chose an interesting topic
and then, an error occurred, and everything “broke”
the question is, how can I return at least the standard theme that was after installing the system?
horror, “like a simple change of theme, through the standard settings, thinned the box open”?

Do you want reinstall openbox package or only restore themes and settings? First thing you do with pacman -S openbox, the second with mb-reset tool.

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To me it seems like broken hardware.
Things just does not broke by simple changing theme.
Also can you provide any details what you do and what happened?

opened settings
chose an interesting topic
and then, an error occurred, and everything “broke”

This means nothing…
Which settings?
What is topic?
What error ocurred?


I don’t know how it happened.
My order was
installed the system, then all the updates
go to appearance settings
and from the “themes” ready there, I chose one, wait 5 seconds, and an error window appeared, something like, “the config file is empty”, or something like that, I don’t remember
and the screenshot refused to be taken
Moreover, I did not see my installed applications in the “applications” menu
rebooting the situation did not change in any way, even if I tried to select ready-made themes again, nothing changed anyway
a logical conclusion, “just because of the theme change, the shell broke” , but, I could be wrong, yes
but it doesn’t change the point. after I tried to change the theme that was originally installed in the distribution, there was a “breakage”

Hello if you broke your Mabox system there’s a script provided for our developer to recover your initial Mabox basic system using mb-reset. I leave you a link to study and see if this can help you, mb-reset - config restore/update helper script

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