How install nvidia driver? from .RUN file?

today i want install nvidia 390 driver…
downloaded run file, paste this file in home folder.
sucessfull disable free nvidia driver.
open ctrl+alt+F4.
i try kill X-session…
this command:
sudo lightdm stop

  • but, lightdm AUTO RESTART :(((
    how i can install nvidia drivers without enthernet?

HOW STOP / KILL lightdm? (STOP X session for install nvidia)
nvidia install say:
To insall, please, stop ur X-session!
i try again: sudo lightdm stop
success stop, but, she lightdm auto-restarted(((((

Please read this help from Manjaro linux wiki page to install and configure Nvidia. Mabox is based in Manjaro Linux Stable this is why some specific configuration hardware are implemented and supported from Manjaro linux users in this wiki page.