How do I reverse scroll touchpad

I want to reverse the scroll of the 2 finger touchpad. Does anyone know the file to edit and line?

I ended up editing /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf

Added the 2 lines below after Driver “libinput” in the “touchpad” section, then rebooted

Option “NaturalScrolling” “on”
Option “ScrollMethod” “two-finger”

Not sure if a reboot is needed but my system reboots fast enough.

Hello there, you are almost there with your first line, just the second brackets need a different input:
Option “NaturalScrolling” “True”

And for your second option Two-finger Scrolling method (provided it is not wworking for you) you might need to install extra package from AUR :

Thanks. I meant to say I had figured it out. “on” and works but changed it to “true” and it worked as well. The two-finger worked for me as well with out needing anything from aur. Ty for your help.

I’m so new to Linux.