High cpu usage on startup

first time this happened;
after booting up i had around 70% cpu usage for a few minutes and then it settled.
i didn’t really know what to look for but conky showed mandb using around 6.5%(doesn’t seem like much).
maybe some cron job was running?
i looked in the Cron directories and found some script related to Mailto.
also i don’t know if that matters,but the script says bin/bash, and i changed to zsh.

Is it a virtual machine?
I have encountered this problem many times in the past using VirtualBox - apparently it is due to very poor I/O performance when using IDE disk emulation.
Man-db indexes the manual pages each time the system is started - it can be up to several tens of thousands of files.
For me, indexing took up to 15 minutes.

I haven’t been facing this problem lately, maybe because I’m using SATA controller emulation for disks now.

yes,it’s a VM,
but hasn’t occurred again since that time.

what about that Mailto cron job,I’m not familiar with scripts,but it seems like it runs every hour?
how can i disable it?

MAILTO is not a cron task. It is just parameter where notifications should be sent.
There are no custom cron jobs set in Mabox. Only system defaults. Needed for cron and anacron to work.
No point to disable anything.

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