Asus Zenbook 14x - install problem - no screen

USB install mabox-linux-22.08-Herbéth-220820-linux54.
After the first screen, no connecting text appears when the install is started. a text list that lists the various hardware elements and then starts the install program.
This notebook in 2 display
what could be the problem?

if installing mabox-linux-22.06-Istredd-220619-linux515 (1) versio. All ok

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So you can try to install latest version with kernel 5.15 instead of 5.4.
See iso filename.

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If I want to install the last version, there is no image with the install. in turn, the 6th. it works and everything is okay there

I ask again …
Have you tried installing the latest ISO with the 515 kernel?
There are 2 ISO images available, from the first post it appears that you installed linux54 image which is for older hardware.

Try to install exactly this one

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